Android Fans Rejoice: Acer Liquid A1 is Coming

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For anyone who has wished to see the amazing power of the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon on an Android phone, Acer is here to grant your wishes; the Acer Liquid A1 is an Android smart phone with Snapdragon. Amazing but true, Acer has formally announced that they are working on the Liquid A1.

Details are still scarce at the moment, but initial press releases and a recent tech demo show that Acer is heading in the right direction with this Infinix?smart phone. It is a perfect combination, the powerful Snapdragon and the versatile and reliable Android; but just because you have a good combo it does not mean that everything will be easy.

Fan expectations for this device run high and a lot of things can easily go wrong. Acer has been wise to choose only the best features, while their exclusive applications are quite promising.

Android -Acer Style


Acer will be adding a few exclusive applications that make full use of the Snapdragons processing speed and the Androids high compatibility with web applications. They have created integrated applications for accessing some of the more famous web services. These include the Facebook social network, Picasa and Flickr image sharing service, Twitter message updates, and YouTube videos.

You can get real time updates on changes in status and upload information feedback. Another interesting application is the Spinlet, which is Acers very own exclusive media sharing service. Details on how Spinlet will actually function are vague, but Acer says that it will focus on allowing users to share videos, music and geo-tagged images with their contacts easily.

Liquids Solid Hardware

The hardware for the Acer Liquid is already impressive, and all we know is that the device will have the Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon and integrated 3D graphics, a high definition WVGA capacitive touch screen (with 3D graphics, you cannot go any less), a 5 mega pixel camera and GPS. The rest are up to speculation. What we can confirm without an official statement is that the device will support HSDPA networks thanks to 3G, and that we will definitely see some Google Maps functionality. Its an Android with GPS but we are scratching our heads why no mention of Google Maps has been made.

Expectations for the Liquid A1


It has been announced that the Liquid will use the Android 1.6 Donut, much to the dismay of many people who are eagerly awaiting a Snapdragon with Android 2.0 Eclair, or even Flan would be fine.

Those who want a more updated Android may want to wait for the soon to come Xperia X3 (of which, details are even more vague). So far, the Liquid is the most concrete device announced this year that will be running an incarnation of the Android. With its release date still unconfirmed, theres a very good possibility that it will not be out until early or mid 2010.

Acer already has a line of WinMo phones for Christmas and releasing an Android at the same time might hurt sales. With development still underway, we have high hopes that the Liquid will use a more updated Android when it finally comes out. There is lots of time for Acer, let us hope they use it.

Acer Liquid: December 2009 Release Date?

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The Ac?er Liquid is officially the first Snapdragon Android phone out on the market; and for anyone willing to make do with a speed of 768 MHz, this phone is an excellent purchase. For one thing, it will be much cheaper than the upcoming 1GHz Android devices; and also, this phone is already available. This is not the high-end Android for anyone, in fact, if you are willing to shell out the money, then it would be better to wait for the new phone releases next year. As such, this mobile phone will not be seeing much action next year; but right now, it is one of the most powerful Android devices available.

Acers Spinlet

the Acer Liquid A1-2

The Spinlet feature is one of the Liquids better functions. Its a customizable media widget that users can modify according to their needs. Similar to the iGoogle website for computers, Spinlet gives users their own custom-made feeds page. Feeds come as more than just a series of RSS one-liners, the Spinlet actually shows a preview or thumbnail of the music, video or image media files.

Liquid Specs

The Acer Liquid comes with an impressive 3.5 inch TFT touch screen; it uses capacitive technology in order to accurately track finger movements and gestures. The screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels and it can display up to 256 thousand colors. While the image color depth is not as impressive as that of other devices (which can display up to 16 million colors), it still does a good job of displaying images and videos.

The Liquids built-in digital camera is a fancy little 5 mega pixel snapper with auto focus and LED flash. Auto focus is very useful for taking shots with a depth of field. The LED flash helps a lot in locations with bad lighting and for subjects that are moving.

Orders Now Open


The Liquid has been available online just recently. This Android-Snapdragon combo will be seeing a little bit of fame these next few days, but expect the upcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA to steal the thunder come 2010. With the Liquids under clocked processor, expect some people to claim being cheated out of a 1GHz Snapdragon. Despite initial reports that the phone performance is not hampered by the slower processing speed, the mere fact that the core is not running at 1 GHz is certain to discourage some buyers (especially once there are official 1GHz Android phones available).

On internet retailer Clove, the phone is already for sale at a price of 328.90 Pounds. Its a good price for phone. Clover has no promotions for the Liquid.

On eXpansys, they are currently promoting the device with a special December-only offer. For anyone who purchases a Liquid from the period of December 1 to December 31, the buyer will receive a 20 Pound coupon redeemable with eXpansys. This will give buyers a little extra budget to buy a phone accessory for their new Liquid. Once purchased, the phone will be ready for shipping immediately. eXpansys estimates that the shipping fee averages at 6.16 Pounds. The device itself is priced at a reasonable 339.99 Pounds.

Motorola is Looking Forward to Google-powered Moblie Phones-myluxphone

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Motorola Droid 2-2

During the economiccrisis, many companies had been bankrupted. This is a hard period for for cell phone sell too. They sell less mobile phones a??nd get less profits. Motorola is not the exception. So Motorola is counting on Google juice to power its Motorola Mobile Phones and its future.

“The vast majority of our devices will be launched on the Android platform,” Motorola co-chief executive Sanjay Jha said on Thursday after the biggest US handset maker surprised Wall Street by reporting a small quarterly net profit. “We are very open to other options here, and we are engaged in exploring other options, but the vast majority will be Android,” Jha told financial analysts in a conference call.

Motorola released its third-quarter earnings a day after unveiling the second in a line of smartphones powered by Google’s Android operating system seen as key to turning around the company’s flagging fortunes.

The Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola posted a net profit of 12 million dollars, or one cent per share, in the quarter compared with a net loss of 397 million dollars in the same period a year ago.

Revenue continued to slide, however, falling 27 percent in the quarter to 5.45 billion dollars.Revenue in the struggling Mobile Devices division declined 46 percent to 1.7 billion dollars.

Mobile Devices managed to narrow its operating loss however to 183 million dollars from 840 million dollars in the same three months last year and 253 million dollars in the previous quarter.Motorola Replica shipped 13.6 million handsets in the third quarter as its share of the mobile phone market fell below five percent to 4.7 percent.

Motorola Droid 2-2

Revenue for the Home and Networks Mobility segment, which includes digital entertainment devices and other products, fell 15 percent to two billion dollars. Revenue for Enterprise Mobility Solutions fell 13 percent to 1.8 billion dollars.

Motorola forecast fourth-quarter earnings of seven to nine cents per share, better than the six cents per share expected by Wall Street analysts.The better-than-expected earnings and the optimistic outlook helped send Motorola’s share price 9.80 percent higher on Wall Street on Thursday to 8.74 dollars.Motorola’s results, which were boosted in part by aggressive cost-cutting measures, came a day after the company unveiled a new smartphone with Verizon Wireless called the Droid.

As smartphones further paved their place in the enterprises, Apple, RIM Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Google Android are eying for the spotlight. In the last quarter, Gartner said that Smartphone sales had surpassed 41 million units, a 12.8 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

Today, Smartphones have become a compulsory gadget for corporate users. They are not only revolutionizing the mobile handset market, but also changing the way we use PCs. The reason behind the success of the Smartphones is increased interest in social networking with Facebook and Twitter, which demand high speed internet and connectivity features.

Motorola Moto X -2

In 2009, all the major mobile vendors update its range to increase their revenue and market share. Here, the feature discusses the biggest stories in the Smartphone industry.

1.?? ?Google Android platform and Google Phone

Google Android is an open source mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel launched back in 2007. The platform targets mobile devices in large, but now it seems that various PC vendors are working on Android based netbooks and tablets. Recently, it is reported that the Android OS claimed 27% share in the market, whereas iPhone OS reported 55% share in the Smartphone market in US for November month.

Various Smartphones based on the platform is already available in the market like HTC G1, HTC Droid Eris, Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, GW620 Eve, etc. Meanwhile, Google has been working on Android based Smartphone, called Nexus One, which will be available in January and will pose challenge Apples iPhone and RIMs Blackberry.

2.?? ?Apple updates its iPhone

In June, Apple launched the iPhone 3GS, with a boosted processor, better camera, more storage space, and a digital compass. The new Smartphone is more evolutionary up gradation than the revolutionary improvement to the hardware. The new iPhone 3GS has a number of new features which will certainly impress the corporate world like hardware encryption and support for ActiveSync policies. The new device fixed various anomalies of its predecessors and incorporated features like copy and paste, universal search, voice memos, and remote wiping.

3. Microsoft Windows mobile 6.5 OS

Microsoft launched a minor upgrade of its Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system in October for next generation of Smartphones, called Windows Mobile 6.5. The new software features a new UI and a richer browsing experience having new services like My Phone, which allows to synchronization of text messages, photos, video, contacts and more to the Web; and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Meanwhile, the company has been working on its new platform called Windows Mobile 7, codenamed “Photon”, which is a major upgrade planned for release in June 2010.

4. PC vendors join the Smartphone race


After the recent success of Smartphones and the take part in the pie, major PC vendors like Dell, Acer, HP, etc join the race with their handsets. In November, HP had announced its new iPAQ Glisten, a feature-rich 3G world Smartphone that meets the increasing demands of modern mobile professionals. In the same month, Dell Computers launched its Android-based Dell Mini 3 smartphone. Acer had introduced neoTouch, which is a new addition to its growing line of Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets, based on 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU.

5. Mobile App Market

According to latest research, mobile applications market will reach $9 billion by 2011. Apple has dominated the space with over 2 billion download and therefore other vendors are also entering in the field. However, the new apps will pose increased difficulty for developers.

Android Widget Review: CurveFish OnOff

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Widgets: Bluetooth OnOff, GPS OnOff, WiFi OnOff, LockPattern OnOff, AutoRotate OnOff, Brightness Level
Publisher: CurveFish.

The CurveFish OnOff widgets were the first widgets I downloaded when I got my new Motorola DROID. I needed to have complete control over my connections to save on battery life, and found a few little fun widgets along the way. And to have found a publisher that has released multiple widgets of the same theme excite the OCD inside me.

Bluetooth OnOff, WiFi OnOff

The Bluetooth OnOff and WiFi OnOff are just that, great widgets for controlling the state of your Bluetooth and WiFi connections. Straight forward and usable.
Bluetooth OnOff Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
WiFi OnOff Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


The GPS OnOff widget is very much like the Bluetooth OnOff and WiFi OnOff widgets, with the exception that it must be linked to another service. I originally linked it to the Bluetooth service, but the GPS froze and never turned on. I linked it to the WiFi, and seems to work, but I hate losing my WiFi connection just to turn my GPS on or off.
GPS OnOff Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

LockPattern OnOff
LockPattern OnOff is nice for configuring whether, once your phone locks, it unlocks using the slider or lock pattern. I use it to switch between being home, and away from home, as I dont need anyone having that easy of access to all of my data.
LockPattern OnOff Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
AutoRotate OnOff
I honestly dont enjoy my phone rotating from landscape to portrait without me explicitly telling it to. This is where AutoRotate OnOff comes into play. If your keyboard is retracted, your phones display is set to portrait. If your keyboard is extracted, your phones display is set to portrait. And putting your DROID in the car dock in portrait mode overrides the widget, which is perfect.

AutoRotate OnOff Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Brightness Level
While not specifically an OnOff widget, it works with with the battery saving features of the OnOff widgets by allowing you to EASILY change the screen brightness, saving you battery when you dont need the screen on, or dont need it bright.
Brightness Level Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Final Thoughts
Overall, very satisfied with these widgets. So much so that I have a desktop devoted to geek tweaks, and they occupy the first six positions.
Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars.

Aside from the popular manufacturers of different mobile phone, like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, and Motorola, other manufacturers of mobile phones have steadily risen in the market. One of which is HTC. HTC Corporation, formerly High Tech Computer Corporation, is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of primarily Microsoft Windows Mobile-based portable devices.


HTC, other than Cellular phones for sale, have also been known as the Original design manufacturer for the following companies that retail Windows Mobile-based PDAs: Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP/Compaq, i-mate, Krome, Palm, Sharp Corporation, and UTStarcom. It also manufactures ultra-mobile PCs.

HTC Mobile Phones One notable brand of HTCCellular phones for sale is the T-Mobile G1. In October 2008, T-Mobile released G1, the first smartphone to use Googles Android software. The phone hardware is manufactured by HTC and is compliant with the open standards telecom effort of the Open Handset Alliance. Today, HTC have released several Cellular phones for salein the 2009 market. Some of its notable releases are the HTC A Series or Android phone including the HTC Tattoo and HTC Magic as well as the HTC T-Series or Touch Series including the HTC Touch Cruise, HTC Touch Diamond2, HTC Touch Pro2, and HTC Hero.

HTC Tattoo Announced on September 8, 2009, this is the second phone to feature the HTC Sense interface. Unlike other Android powered mobile phones from HTC, the Tattoo features a resistive touchscreen instead of capacitive. This will bring down the manufacturing cost so that the device can reach a larger market. HTC MagicThe HTC Magic is the second handset by HTC that uses the Android operating system (the first being the HTC Dream). Like the HTC Dream; the Android Market application, which allows users to download new software applications from third-party developers, as well as provides publicly-viewable ratings and comments, is also included with the device.

HTC Touch Cruise Also known as the HTC P3650 or its codename the HTC Polaris 100, is a Windows Mobile 6-powered Pocket PC. In January 2009, HTC announced a completely redesigned device, also called the HTC Touch Cruise. It was the first device to feature HTC Footprints. HTC Touch Diamond2?A successor to HTC Touch Diamond, it is the first device to feature a revamped version of HTCs TouchFLO 3D GUI, an interface first seen on its predecessor. It is released with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1, but can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5. According to an early roadmap leak, an AT&T-branded would be known as AT&T Warhawk and this version will release in the US on 6th October, 2009 with 3.2 megapixel camera unlike European version with 5 megapixel.

HTC Touch Pro2 The HTC Touch Pro2 is an enhanced version of the HTC Touch Pro with a left-side slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The Touch Pro2 smartphones functions include those of a camera phone and a portable media player in addition to text messaging and multimedia messaging. It also offers Internet services including e-mail, instant messaging, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. All versions feature TouchFLO 3D.

Infinix phones reviews: Top 8 brands available in Kenya market

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For a very long time other big brands have dominated the Kenyan market. It has not been that easy to penetrate the Kenyan market with brands such as Tecno phone having quite a significant share in the smartphone business in Kenya.

Lets just say that Tecno cell phone did not enjoy so much monopoly as the Infinix brand gained entry in the Kenyan market soon after the Tecno brand. Infinix phones came with such a big bang and became the top of its game within a very short time in Kenya. At some time, haters of this brand had a rough time because everywhere they turned someone had an Infinix cell phone. Someone said that if you cant beat them, then you only have the option of joining them.

With the glitz and glam that the Infinix phone came with in Kenya, it soon became the talk of every household and also became the must have smartphone. And as you know Kenyans, no one wants to be left behind. With this the market opened fairly giving this phone the opportunity to provide various ranges of the brand such as.

Different Infinix Mobile phones in Kenya

  • Infinix Hot 3 X554
  • Infinix Zero 3
  • Infinix Hot 2
  • Infinix Hot 2 X510
  • Infinix Zero 2 X509
  • Infinix Hot Note X551
  • Infinix Race Jet X505

Infinix Hot 3 X554

Unveiled in late 2015, this smartphone has been a success in the Kenyan market. It comes with what you would love as a tech maniac. This device works for Kenyans who are selfie takers. It comes with a cool camera that gives the provision of both the rear and the back camera. It’s build up is mainly plastic with smooth edges that that are quite comfortable when it comes to the handling of the phone. The storage is 16GB with an expandable external memory of up to 32 GB, this allows the user to store all the data that may have in the phone without at times needing an external memory. What is the key interest of anyone walking to a store to get a phone? It is definitely the operating system. It comes with an Android operating system of 5.1 which is among the latest operating systems in mobile phones.

Infinix Hot 3

Infinix Zero 3

Kenyan are lovers of multi-tasking in all that they are undertaking, with this in mind they need a cell phone that can match their lifestyle. Infinix Zero 3 is the perfect device for the average Kenyan mobile phone user. With a 3GB RAM and 2.2 GHz octa-core processor, it gives the user the speed experience that ensures smooth sailing as one uses this gadget. The phone comes with an exceptional camera that will give you an experience close to reality due to its high-quality camera. It also uses the 4G network which is quite fast and very necessary in mobile phones, after all no one needs a device that cannot be able to deliver regarding speed.

Infinix Zero 3

Infinix Hot 2

What made this phone tick? Infinix Hot 2 is unique because it is capable of handling software upgrades. This is the cell phone that every young Kenyan would want to have in order to play around with all the softwares that they would want to have on their phones as well as upgrade the software. It is quite a cheap device and easily accessible by people from all walks of life. It has several benefits such as an internal memory of 16BG which is capable of storing large amount of data without the hustle of having to delete some images or documents to get space for saving new data.

Infinix Hot 2

Infinix Hot 2 X510

Talk of having the latest Android, then think of this Infinix phone, it comes with the latest OS which is 5.1.1 lollipop. With Kenyans in need of a smartphone that is at par with the latest technology, Infinix Hot 2X510 is the answered prayer. The camera is not at all disappointing as it comes with an 8MP back camera which is perfect for taking clear images. The phone comes with various colors to choose from giving the Kenyan buyer an edge in decision making depending on their taste.

Infinix Zero 2 X509

This is yet another Infinix mobile phone that is owned by most Kenyan individuals; the price is rather good, and buyers dont have any reason to complain about the price. Though operating on KitKat Android version, it can perform every task that any other mobile phone would. It gives a package such as a large internal memory, various colors to choose from, and a 13 MP camera. The camera is a great plus for this device, why so, simply because with such a price there is nowhere you can get a smartphone with such specs.

Infinix X509

Infinix Hot Note X551

This phone is in a whole different class, the one thing that stands out is its battery capacity, 4000mAh battery. This is the dream smartphone in the Kenyan content. With this, you might not even need a power bank because the battery capacity allows you to use it without worries of depleting the charge. Formally people would put their devices in low power mode and avoid the internet among other applications to save the charge; this smartphone relieves you of such worry. For the lovers of large screens, it does not disappoint as it comes with a 5.5-inch display.

Infinix Race Jet X505

This is the phone that will give you the 4G experience that you may need. It is fast and streaming of videos is not a challenge anymore. It will not disappoint you at any time if you badly need the internet. Sometimes people with smartphones are not in a position to conduct activities such as video calls due to the low internet connectivity. It will save you the money that you always take to the cyber for Skype and other such activities.

What’s coming up

With the entry of smartphones in Kenya, having the latest gadget is no longer a luxury but a need. Infinix mobile phones have provided this experience to the Kenyan market. So far I would say that they have not disappointed. What these mobile phones have done is that they have been able to bridge the gap between the class that could be able to buy smartphones worth, lets say 70,000. They have brought the smartphone experience to every typical Kenyan. With this consideration, nowadays no one has a reason to lack a phone. They are more affordable and will give you the experience that some of the most expensive gadgets have.

That said and done we can only sit back and wait for what Infinix cell phones will have to offer next. We can never be too certain of what is to come, but we are sure that it is not going to frustrate any Infinix mobile phone lover in Kenya.

SciPhone Dream G2 WIFI Cell Phone With Google Map GMail MSN JAVA

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This is not the SciPhone Dream G2, it is the new version G2+ with WiFi, or call G2 Wifi. The Chinese cell phone maker has released the Dream G2+ with WiFi added. The G2+ features a 2.8-inch 320240 touch screen, tri-band GMS support and of course the newly added WiFi connectivity. It supports SD card.
This?SciPhone G2 is from the same manufacture as Sciphone i68+, Sciphone N19, Sciphone N21 and the new Sciphone N12.

Summary of Features

Built-in WiFi, free access to Internet with high speed ARM9 processor, 208MHz system clock Slim/ Flat Touch Screen Thin, simple and humanized design Google Android User interface EDGE/GPRS 2.75G high-speed network Built-in Opera and UCWEB mobile browser, convenience to the Internet Supports MSN, QQ, ICQ, Google talk and other IM software Pictures and movies will be automatically rotated to proper directions when rotating the phone Support Google Mobile functions- Google Maps, Google search, Google Talk, Google Mail, Google sms, Google -411,? Google Blogger, Google Calendar, Google web albums, Google Notebook, Google reader, Google Docs, Google news, iGoogle

Imaging and Video Features

2.0 megapixel camera with interpolation up to 4.0 megapixel With a built-in camera and an advanced photo application, Dream G2 is the most photo-friendly phone ever Android video Player v1.0 Media Player, support 3GP and MP4 video formats

Operating Frequency

GSM/GPRS Quad-Band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz. EDGE 2.75G high-speed network. It can be used WorldWide.

Music Features

Android Music Player v1.0 Media Player, supports MP3 and MIDI Stereo FM radio Integrated hands-free speaker


Weight: 110g Dimensions: 56 x 107.2 x 11.8mm


English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese


High-Res TFT display, 240 X 320 dots resolution with 2.8 inch Touch Screen

?SciPhone G2

Memory Functions

1G microSD TransFlash Card included Memory card slot supporting up to 16 GB microSD memory cards Up to 80MB internal dynamic memory for messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list and applications


Text messaging / MMS(picture messaging) SMS group send


Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth wireless technology v.2.0 EDR Supports the following Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, generic access, hands-free, headset, dial-up networking, object push, file transfer, generic object exchange, basic imaging. USB 2.0 via Mini USB interface and mass storage class support to support drag and drop functionality

Google Mobile functions

Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google SMS, GOOG-411, Blogger, Google Calendar, Picasa Web Albums, Google Notebook, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google News, iGoogle

Business Features


Web: Bulit-in Opera Mini Brower, support full page viewing E-mail: POP3 and IMAP, Easy to use e-mail client with attachment support for images, videos, music and documents Supports Office documents (Word, excel). Built-in IM (Live messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ, G-talk) software.

Smart System Like:

Operating System Like: the most revolutionary user interface, the most advanced software ever engineered, and true state-of-the-art technology that will change the way you think about a mobile device Smart Touch: With its large Smart Touch display and innovative software, Dream G2 lets you control everything using only your fingers.

Basic Parameters

Talk Time: Up to approximately 2-3 hours Long Standby time: 100 – 200 hours Lithium Batteries (1x 1200mAh/p) AC Adapter Voltage range/frequency:100 ~ 240 AC,50/60 HZ DC output :5V

Package Contents

1 * Dream G2 Wifi Quad-Band Cell Phone Lithium Batteries ( A piece 1500mAh) Charger Adapter USB DataCable 2G TF card (Installed in the phone) Handwriting Stylus Earphone Quick Start Manual(English) Retail Package


Nokia And Intel Tag Team Versus Android

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Inte?l and??have announced that they will work together to create a mobile platform to compete with the Google Android. The new platform will be dubbed Meego and will combine the best parts of Maemo and Moblin. This is due to be released sometime this year and will be purported to take on Google not only in the smartphone arena but also tablets and any other device that the Android platform may power.


This move comes with the realization by Nokia that Symbian simply is not living up to its expectations in the struggle against the ever growing popularity of the Google Android platform. Meego will be the driving force behind Nokias strategy to bring the Symbian platform to a wider range of users while the Linux-based Meego goes for the higher end. This may prove to be an uphill battle, however, for the smartphone giant.

Meego, while being Linux-based will have one new quality that will assist in its integration. The Linux Foundation will be hosting this as a fully open platform. This will allow outside developers to get their shots in for improving and adding to the overall concept of the platform.

Meego will be touting the Qt development platform as do so many other Nokia products. Intel, however, has let it be known that the new platform will not be restricted to only x86 architectures. This will be as open a platform as may be found anywhere, with little to no restrictions.

Odds are good that other manufacturers will follow in Nokias footsteps, making their own announcements in the coming weeks. There seems to be a bandwagon effect when an announcement of this proportion is made. This being said, it should be an interesting watch to see how well Nokia and Intel do against the possibly unstoppable platform that if Google Android.


The Mobile World Congress trade show began in Barcelona, Spain on Monday. Along with a multitude of new products and technologies being showcased is a concept that should bring some happiness to all Android and smartphone users. 24 wireless carriers announced that they are willing to allow their respective software developers write apps that will work across multiple phones from all manufacturers.

The Wholesale Applications Community is a concept that should take some of the initiative away from Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion, Inc. by opening up the availability for more apps to be shared across different phone manufacturers. These manufacturers each have their own app store along with Google, who is slowly building theirs up to rival Apples.

While all the manufacturers will not open their own app store, this will allow developers to write a single app and have it sold across all the different carrier stores. With the growing app market, more and more apps are needed that work on different phones. Rather than writing a single app for each phone, this will allow for apps to be designed to work on more than one and then to be marketed.

This will work well in theory, but it will take some doing to actually put into practice. The apps will need the capability of working on phones with different screen sizes and button layouts. This could be problematic for some phones and many of the apps.


The Wholesale Applications Community will begin by concentrating on having apps developed that will work across two platforms and build out from there. Once this has been accomplished, they will look to consolidating everything in app development to one platform that all phones may utilize. The group of wireless providers service over 3 billion customers between them, making this a major undertaking to say the least.

With TouchDown, your office email, calendar and contacts are available right at your fingertips. You can choose how long to retain your email on your phone. You can choose to download ALL your exchange contacts to TouchDown any time you want, but get all changes automatically every time you check your email.

You get quick access to your days agenda, optimized for viewing on your phone. You can choose to dismiss past events to simplify the view. (Taken directly from the TouchDown website)

While Androids integrated corporate E-mail and calendar functions will be sufficient for most users, in our organization we found them to be lacking in a few areas. First, there was no task syncing with the Exchange server. Second, E-mail attachments were unable to be downloaded to our handset. This led to some searching for alternatives. Thats when we came across Exchange by TouchDown.

After installing from Android Market, and starting the application, just click the gear button to access the setup wizard. If youre your own IT department, you should know all of the answers right away. If not, contact your IT department. ?Once setup, Exchange by TouchDown will handle all of your corporate E-mail, calendaring, contacts, and tasks. ?If youve had E-mail and calendar setup on your handset previously, youll either want to disable them or remove them completely.

E-mail, task, contact, and calendar syncing
Supports syncing by Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, ActiveSync, and USB to Outlook
Downloads E-mail attachments
Easy to use once setup
Four widgets (universal, E-mail, calendar, tasks)


Price (while most companies that can afford an Exchange server wont notice the hit, users purchasing the software themselves will)
Setup can be difficult if youre not aware of the settings
Would like more widgets with more size options (I find 32 annoying)

Features?Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Usability?Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Setup?Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Widgets?Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Final Thoughts:
While this application was nice while I tested it, I found that I personally didnt need the extra features. ?Ive uninstalled it. ?Out of the four users in our organization, only one runs TouchDown. ?That being said, for 25% of the DROID users in our organization, there was a need, and TouchDown met it with flying colors