Infinix phones reviews: Top 8 brands available in Kenya market

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For a very long time other big brands have dominated the Kenyan market. It has not been that easy to penetrate the Kenyan market with brands such as Tecno phone having quite a significant share in the smartphone business in Kenya.

Lets just say that Tecno cell phone did not enjoy so much monopoly as the Infinix brand gained entry in the Kenyan market soon after the Tecno brand. Infinix phones came with such a big bang and became the top of its game within a very short time in Kenya. At some time, haters of this brand had a rough time because everywhere they turned someone had an Infinix cell phone. Someone said that if you cant beat them, then you only have the option of joining them.

With the glitz and glam that the Infinix phone came with in Kenya, it soon became the talk of every household and also became the must have smartphone. And as you know Kenyans, no one wants to be left behind. With this the market opened fairly giving this phone the opportunity to provide various ranges of the brand such as.

Different Infinix Mobile phones in Kenya

  • Infinix Hot 3 X554
  • Infinix Zero 3
  • Infinix Hot 2
  • Infinix Hot 2 X510
  • Infinix Zero 2 X509
  • Infinix Hot Note X551
  • Infinix Race Jet X505

Infinix Hot 3 X554

Unveiled in late 2015, this smartphone has been a success in the Kenyan market. It comes with what you would love as a tech maniac. This device works for Kenyans who are selfie takers. It comes with a cool camera that gives the provision of both the rear and the back camera. It’s build up is mainly plastic with smooth edges that that are quite comfortable when it comes to the handling of the phone. The storage is 16GB with an expandable external memory of up to 32 GB, this allows the user to store all the data that may have in the phone without at times needing an external memory. What is the key interest of anyone walking to a store to get a phone? It is definitely the operating system. It comes with an Android operating system of 5.1 which is among the latest operating systems in mobile phones.

Infinix Hot 3

Infinix Zero 3

Kenyan are lovers of multi-tasking in all that they are undertaking, with this in mind they need a cell phone that can match their lifestyle. Infinix Zero 3 is the perfect device for the average Kenyan mobile phone user. With a 3GB RAM and 2.2 GHz octa-core processor, it gives the user the speed experience that ensures smooth sailing as one uses this gadget. The phone comes with an exceptional camera that will give you an experience close to reality due to its high-quality camera. It also uses the 4G network which is quite fast and very necessary in mobile phones, after all no one needs a device that cannot be able to deliver regarding speed.

Infinix Zero 3

Infinix Hot 2

What made this phone tick? Infinix Hot 2 is unique because it is capable of handling software upgrades. This is the cell phone that every young Kenyan would want to have in order to play around with all the softwares that they would want to have on their phones as well as upgrade the software. It is quite a cheap device and easily accessible by people from all walks of life. It has several benefits such as an internal memory of 16BG which is capable of storing large amount of data without the hustle of having to delete some images or documents to get space for saving new data.

Infinix Hot 2

Infinix Hot 2 X510

Talk of having the latest Android, then think of this Infinix phone, it comes with the latest OS which is 5.1.1 lollipop. With Kenyans in need of a smartphone that is at par with the latest technology, Infinix Hot 2X510 is the answered prayer. The camera is not at all disappointing as it comes with an 8MP back camera which is perfect for taking clear images. The phone comes with various colors to choose from giving the Kenyan buyer an edge in decision making depending on their taste.

Infinix Zero 2 X509

This is yet another Infinix mobile phone that is owned by most Kenyan individuals; the price is rather good, and buyers dont have any reason to complain about the price. Though operating on KitKat Android version, it can perform every task that any other mobile phone would. It gives a package such as a large internal memory, various colors to choose from, and a 13 MP camera. The camera is a great plus for this device, why so, simply because with such a price there is nowhere you can get a smartphone with such specs.

Infinix X509

Infinix Hot Note X551

This phone is in a whole different class, the one thing that stands out is its battery capacity, 4000mAh battery. This is the dream smartphone in the Kenyan content. With this, you might not even need a power bank because the battery capacity allows you to use it without worries of depleting the charge. Formally people would put their devices in low power mode and avoid the internet among other applications to save the charge; this smartphone relieves you of such worry. For the lovers of large screens, it does not disappoint as it comes with a 5.5-inch display.

Infinix Race Jet X505

This is the phone that will give you the 4G experience that you may need. It is fast and streaming of videos is not a challenge anymore. It will not disappoint you at any time if you badly need the internet. Sometimes people with smartphones are not in a position to conduct activities such as video calls due to the low internet connectivity. It will save you the money that you always take to the cyber for Skype and other such activities.

What’s coming up

With the entry of smartphones in Kenya, having the latest gadget is no longer a luxury but a need. Infinix mobile phones have provided this experience to the Kenyan market. So far I would say that they have not disappointed. What these mobile phones have done is that they have been able to bridge the gap between the class that could be able to buy smartphones worth, lets say 70,000. They have brought the smartphone experience to every typical Kenyan. With this consideration, nowadays no one has a reason to lack a phone. They are more affordable and will give you the experience that some of the most expensive gadgets have.

That said and done we can only sit back and wait for what Infinix cell phones will have to offer next. We can never be too certain of what is to come, but we are sure that it is not going to frustrate any Infinix mobile phone lover in Kenya.

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