Motorola is Looking Forward to Google-powered Moblie Phones-myluxphone

May - 28 2016

Motorola Droid 2-2

During the economiccrisis, many companies had been bankrupted. This is a hard period for for cell phone sell too. They sell less mobile phones a??nd get less profits. Motorola is not the exception. So Motorola is counting on Google juice to power its Motorola Mobile Phones and its future. “The vast majority of our devices […]

Nokia And Intel Tag Team Versus Android

May - 11 2016


Inte?l and??have announced that they will work together to create a mobile platform to compete with the Google Android. The new platform will be dubbed Meego and will combine the best parts of Maemo and Moblin. This is due to be released sometime this year and will be purported to take on Google not only […]