Acer Liquid: December 2009 Release Date?

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The Ac?er Liquid is officially the first Snapdragon Android phone out on the market; and for anyone willing to make do with a speed of 768 MHz, this phone is an excellent purchase. For one thing, it will be much cheaper than the upcoming 1GHz Android devices; and also, this phone is already available. This is not the high-end Android for anyone, in fact, if you are willing to shell out the money, then it would be better to wait for the new phone releases next year. As such, this mobile phone will not be seeing much action next year; but right now, it is one of the most powerful Android devices available.

Acers Spinlet

the Acer Liquid A1-2

The Spinlet feature is one of the Liquids better functions. Its a customizable media widget that users can modify according to their needs. Similar to the iGoogle website for computers, Spinlet gives users their own custom-made feeds page. Feeds come as more than just a series of RSS one-liners, the Spinlet actually shows a preview or thumbnail of the music, video or image media files.

Liquid Specs

The Acer Liquid comes with an impressive 3.5 inch TFT touch screen; it uses capacitive technology in order to accurately track finger movements and gestures. The screen resolution is 480 x 800 pixels and it can display up to 256 thousand colors. While the image color depth is not as impressive as that of other devices (which can display up to 16 million colors), it still does a good job of displaying images and videos.

The Liquids built-in digital camera is a fancy little 5 mega pixel snapper with auto focus and LED flash. Auto focus is very useful for taking shots with a depth of field. The LED flash helps a lot in locations with bad lighting and for subjects that are moving.

Orders Now Open


The Liquid has been available online just recently. This Android-Snapdragon combo will be seeing a little bit of fame these next few days, but expect the upcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA to steal the thunder come 2010. With the Liquids under clocked processor, expect some people to claim being cheated out of a 1GHz Snapdragon. Despite initial reports that the phone performance is not hampered by the slower processing speed, the mere fact that the core is not running at 1 GHz is certain to discourage some buyers (especially once there are official 1GHz Android phones available).

On internet retailer Clove, the phone is already for sale at a price of 328.90 Pounds. Its a good price for phone. Clover has no promotions for the Liquid.

On eXpansys, they are currently promoting the device with a special December-only offer. For anyone who purchases a Liquid from the period of December 1 to December 31, the buyer will receive a 20 Pound coupon redeemable with eXpansys. This will give buyers a little extra budget to buy a phone accessory for their new Liquid. Once purchased, the phone will be ready for shipping immediately. eXpansys estimates that the shipping fee averages at 6.16 Pounds. The device itself is priced at a reasonable 339.99 Pounds.

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